October 31, 2020 Baiyun Mountain
Since the goal of the September Purchasing Festival was not up to standard, the office had to accept the corresponding punishment. The punishment was to practice for 1 hour, so the office decided to climb Baiyun Mountain. Departing from the office at 3 pm, in order to save time, everyone chose the entrance with a shorter distance.

Unexpectedly, that entrance is relatively remote, and it is a steep, winding mountain road. When we climbed to the halfway up the mountain, we were already exhausted. Everyone was calm and calm at the beginning to panting, tired and thirsty at the end. It was getting late, so I didn’t climb any further, and finally took the sightseeing bus down the mountain.

February 2, 2021 Yongtai Party Hall of the Year
It’s time for the annual annual meeting again, home party + New Year’s Eve dinner + KTV, the schedule is full. I chose a party hall nearby. The area is not too big, but the sparrow is small and complete. The amusement facilities in the museum are relatively complete, and it has a warm feeling of a small home.
Mahjong is never outdated, even if it is a first-time friend, you can get started quickly after playing a few games. This may be one of the reasons why Mahjong is so popular among friends.

Two-person three-legged mini-game—at the moment of sprinting hard, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, what matters is whether you can break through yourself.

It is said that the boys who play ball are very handsome, and the girls who are able to wear ponytails and play billiards attentively and seriously are even more handsome!

Although the venue of the party hall is not particularly large, everyone had a good time. From the embarrassment and embarrassment at the beginning to the laughter and laughter at the back, this short journey gradually shortened the distance between everyone and made them familiar with each other.
The happy time is always short, and the home party is about to end, so let’s take a photo to commemorate it.

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, immediately switch to KTV. Singing is not crazy, who can compete with each other. Remember to lock in tonight’s “Mike Battle”!

April 24, 2021 South China Botanical Garden BBQ
The pace of life is fast, but occasionally I have to stop and go, eat, drink, and pat.

The same world, the same dream, even in the hot summer, can not stop everyone’s determination to want to eat barbecue, then let’s have a barbecue game where you can go.

Wind and sun, freedom and freedom. The color and taste of the barbecue and the refreshing and delicious watermelon are a perfect match, and it is even more perfect if it is iced watermelon. With everyone’s cooperation and division of labor, we soon had a fragrant barbecue. The irritability caused by the hot weather and the tiredness of the road has long since vanished when the delicious barbecue was eaten. Finally, the team building has ended successfully, big group photo↓↓

January 21, 2022 Chimelong Happy World

If the goal of the two-day tour in the province for the annual meeting is lost, then find a high-energy place in the city to play some high-energy projects. There are many items to play in Chimelong Happy World. Due to the long distance, you have to get up early and set off to gather. Although the team building day is more tiring than going to work, it is worthwhile to experience it once for a long time.

A frightening vertical roller coaster,

The ten-ring roller coaster that I wanted to get off the bus but couldn’t get off the bus,

The most feared jumping machine for those who are afraid of heights,

The big pendulum that screams constantly,

The most childlike bumper car,

Also, the most enjoyable performance.

The high-energy and exciting project is over, and the next step is to go to the place for the New Year’s Eve dinner. In the restaurant, everyone also prepared some games. The fun and interesting mini-games drove the atmosphere of the scene, aroused everyone’s desire to win and lost, and they had a lot of fun.

It may be the common expectation of all social animals to go all out at get off work and relax after work. Time is passing, the road is still long, continue to maintain romance and love, move forward all the way, live up to the time, the future must be a sea of stars!